Comprehensive College Counseling


  • Help identify colleges that are best suited for the student’s academic strengths and personal interests
  • Explore interests, goals and talents
  • Review academic and testing records
  • Review and evaluate Standardized Test Requirements for each college or university and provide guidance
  • Assist with curriculum and extracurricular decisions
  • Discuss college majors
  • Provide access to Guided Path software to manage the college search and application process
  • Provide information to prepare for campus visits
  • Manage the college application process and help develop the strongest application possible
  • Support on essays, resumes and personal profiles, including review, critique and suggestions
  • Prepare students for college interviews
  • Guidance on letters of recommendation
  • Assist in meeting application and test deadlines
  • Provide an overview of scholarship and financial aid processes
  • Review college list and assist with decision making process

What We Offer

Rising Freshmen & Sophomores

Start early to create a solid foundation for the college admissions process!


  • Guidance on how to create a meaningful high school experience that is connected to post-high school goals
  • Advise on course selection, grades, planning for extracurricular activities, summer plans, and testing plans
  • Discuss what to look forward to as it pertains to planning for the college search and application process

Rising Juniors

It’s time to start thinking about the college search & application process!  

  • Advise on course selection, grades, college list building and research, extracurricular activities, summer plans, testing plans, college visits, resume building, etc.
  • Students complete interest surveys and meet 1 on 1 to gather information needed to build a list of best-fit colleges.
  • Guide students through the college research process, continuously building and updating the list, with the goal of finalizing by the summer going into senior year.


It’s application time!

  • Guide students through essay brainstorming, completing a main college essay and the Common Application over the summer
  • Support students in completing supplemental essays, edit and provide suggestions
  • Help students manage their list of college applications 
  • Check all applications and give feedback
  • Manage deadlines including early and regular decision 
  • Guide the process of recommendation letter requests and transcript requests
  • Prepare students for admissions interviews 
  • Help students create balance, prioritize, and stay on track  

Admission Decision Time:

  • Provide guidance on decisions of being admitted, deferred, waitlisted and denied 
  • Manage communications with admissions representatives
  • Evaluate decisions and financial aid offers to help students make the best decision for your future

Celebrate all the hard work and ultimate college decision!